Monday, November 06, 2006


I am very excited for Thanksgiving and it not because of Turkey and Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes! I am excited because this year I will be announcing the 100th Annual Easton-Phillipsburg High School Football Game on ESPN AT 9:00AM!!!!!!! 9:00AM IN THE MORNING!!!! EARLY EARLY GAME! NATIONAL TV! ALL AROUND THE COUNTRY! I AM EXCITED! I will have to wake up at 5:00am on Thanksgiving Morning for the Game! It takes 3 hours to prepare for a sports event! Congrations to my friend Aubrey Rose for winning the Volleyball Championships at the Special Olympics State tournament this weekend down at Villianova University!!!!!!!!!!! They left Friday Morning and came back Last Night! I missed watching them yesterday. They won't be back next sunday either or the next 2 Sundays after that. They are taking a break before they start Floor Hockey. The Special Olympics are supposed to e-mail me and tell me when they will be comming back!!!!!!!!! I might have to cut my Thanksgiving Break by one day by comming back on Sunday instead of Monday if I hear that is when they will be comming back! A Short Week this Week! No Friday this week! That will feel weird for all State Employees to have off on a Friday! Normally Holidays Fall on Mondays. Comming to you LIVE From a very Cold Johnstown Pennsylvania! This is the ''Weave'' Monday November 6, 2006 How are you? How was your Weekend? What did you do all Weekend? Anything Special? I am great! Classes are going great! Had A Great Weekend!!!!!!! I got 3 PROM DATES!!!!!!!!! NOT 1, NOT 2, BUT 3!!!!!!!!! I might go with all 3 of them!!!!!!!! What the heck, Might of well!!!!!!!! Songs of the Day: Walk Away Beautiful God Bless The USA Bless The Broken Road Bad Day Save The last dance for me Hero Breathe 2am It My Life Have A Nice Day Who Says You Can't Go Home One of my nurses Sherry quit on Friday and I really miss her! She was a great nurse! She been here for 3 years. Nazareth Football Season on Friday Night with a 31-0 loss to the Northampton Konkrete Kids. Final Record: 2-8 I really hope they don't fire Mark Madsen It not his fault we don't have very good players right now. Hopefully next year will be better! GO NAZARETH! GO JOHNSTOWN! GO EASTON! GO PHILLIES! GO EAGLES! JOHNSTOWN SPECIAL OLYMPICS NUMBER 1 FAN! NAZARETH NUMBER 1 FAN! PA HOUSE MAN! The PA HOUSE Will Return next Monday November 13th at 1:00pm and at 11:00am on Tuesday November 14th and Wednesday November 15th at 11:00am!!!! WEAVE!!!!!!!! R.I.P. DEREK KEHOE SEE YOU ON Wednesday!!!!!!!!!! Signing out from Johnstown Pennsylvania! Over and Out! Keep It Real and Have a Great Day and if you are having a really bad just think of my smile!!!!!!!! This have been another e-mail on the Andy Weaver E-Mail Network and might not be copywrited without the permisson from Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL STATE EMPLOYEES HAVE OFF ON FRIDAY FOR VETERANS DAY SO BECAUSE OF THAT THERE WILL NOT BE NO E-MAIL ON FRIDAY. Remember I will have e-mails on Wednesday and Thursday this week! PA HOUSE MAN And State Reprsentive Andy Curtis Weaver from Northampton County will be back for another e-mail on Wednesday!!!!!!! GO OUT THERE AND VOTE ON TUESDAY!!!!!!! I WANT TOM YEWIC TO WIN HERE IN THE JOHNSTOWN AREA! IN NORTHAMPTON COUNTY I WANT RICH GRUCELA TO WIN! I WANT GOVERNOR ED RENDELL TO CONTINUE TO BE GOVERNOR OF THIS VERY Beautiful state of Pennsylvania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hellooooo Andy!

I'm reading your blog for the first time and wishing I could be having as much fun as you are in Johnstown.

Good to see you're still keeping up with all of the local sports here in the Lehigh Valley.

Thanks for all of the kind words for me and the rest of the guys at RCN.

We're glad to hear you'll be back in the Valley for Thanksgiving.

Wait until you see all the great changes at Lafayette's Fisher Stadium.

I think you'll be impressed.

Wishing you all the best, and a safe trip back home to Nazareth,

-- Dan Mowdy

PS: The next time you hear from Coach Ray, give him a big hello from me.