Wednesday, November 01, 2006


THE 3 YEAR ANNIVERSITY OF THE DEATH OF GRAIG MCHAWLIK WHO DIED ON HOLLOWEEN IN 2003. I REMEMBER BEING WITH HIM IN CLASS THAT SAME DAY WHEN HE DIED. THAT FOLLOWING MONDAY MORNING BACK IN 2003 I WAS CRYING IN MR KAMINSKI'S CLASS AND EVERYBODY ELSE WAS CRYING TOO IN MR KAMINSKI CLASS. I will never forget that day Once again, another death to deal with. Not a very good way to begin a new month, Now I have a death of a great friend to try to get through... My Heart is beating heavy right now. I lossed a very great friend and pal from High School. On Saturday I lossed a very great buddy. Derek Kehoe passed away at 2:13pm Saturday Afternoon in His Home. He had a rare form of Cancer. I never even knew until now that He even had Cancer. His Funeral is on Thursday. R.I.P. Derek Kehoe My High School Schoolmate. I was very sad to read on Pennlive.Com on Tuesday. He was a Great Basketball Player at Nazareth! He is now in a better place. ''peace'' We will miss him! My 92 Grandmother had surgery on Monday. They are putting her in a nursing Home. Get Well Gram!!!!!!!!! We are pulling for you!!!!!!!!!!!! IT REALLY HURTS WHEN I LOSE A FRIEND. Come on Down You are the next constenant on the PRICE IS RIGHT!!!!!! BOB BARKER IS RETIRING FROM THE SHOW HE IS 82 YEARS OLD! WE WILL MISS BOB!!!! I LOVE THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!!!! For the 5th time in a row my 3:00pm Psychology Class Brain Class was Canceled due to staff meetings. IT FEELS LIKE I NEVER HAVE CLASS IT CANCELED MORE THAN WE HAVE CLASS. UMBLIEABLE TOO MANY STAFF MEETINGS!!!!!! WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH AND WE WERE ONLY ABLE TO HAVE 1 TEST IN THAT CLASS SOFAR. I got my wheelchair back yesterday at 2:00pm! Nomore Problems. I am scared to go to that man for future problems. He blames me for everything and don't believes anything we tell him. He don't even believe what my attendents tell him. I hope you are doing great! How was Holloween? What did you do? anything? Did you dress up? Monday night I dressed up as a Pirate! I was a cute Pirate! The Holloween Dance was awesome! I was dancing with all the Girls Monday Night!!!!!! The music was too loud though. It gave me a headache after awhile. GO NAZARETH! GO GOVERNOR ED RENDELL! HE WILL WIN ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! PA HOUSE WILL RETURN MONDAY NOVEMBER 14TH!!!!!!!!!!!! LAST FOOTBALL GAME OF THE SEASON THIS FRIDAY FOR NAZARETH HIGH SCHOOL! HARD TO BELIEVE FOOTBALL IS ALMOST OVER ALREADY! WHERE IS TIME GOING? IT GOING TOO FAST. STILL NO NEWS ON ASB ACCOUNTING I EMAILED THAT WOMAN AGAIN ON TUESDAY NIGHT. MY MOM CALLED HER ON MONDAY AND NO ANSWER. IT NOT RIGHT WE ARE NOT HEARING 1 WORD. THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB. Songs of Day: God Bless The USA Bless The Broken Road Walk Away You're Beautiful Bad Day Incomplete Listen To Your Heart Hurt Gone Breathe 2am It My Life Breakaway Because of You Have A Nice Day Who Says You Can't Go Home MOVIES OF THE WEEK ON FRIDAY!!!!!! FOOTBALL PICKS ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!! ANOTHER EMAIL ON FRIDAY! PA HOUSE MAN! NAZARETH NUMBER 1 FAN! THAT WOMAN BACK IN ALLENTOWN AT OVR COULD ATLEASE SAY THEY ARE WORKING ON IT. Take Care until Friday!!!!!! Keep it real until Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See You on Friday!!!!!!!!! I don't know how I got stucked in the wires. That could of been a scary situation if the Refrigator would of fell on me. It a good thing I had my Cell Phone with me. Soda bottles all over It was a real mess. Then last night at 9:30pm somebody knocked on my door and I jumped and I dropped my soda on the Floor. My Attendent had to clean it up. The Knock on the door scared me. GET WELL WISHES FOR MY 92 YEAR OLD GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. Sherry Bobak's Aunt not sure of her name but she passed away on Saturday too. The Same day as my High School Friend. R.I.P. Derek Kehoe See you Friday everybody on AEWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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