Friday, December 30, 2016


Welcome to a special New Year's style edition of the News Blog! As we end 2016 and start 2017, today we will give you a marathon recap on TV for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! Some of the major TV stunts include Antenna TV's New Year's Eve marathon of The Jack Benny Program beginning at 6pm New Year's Eve and lasting into New Year's Day morning at 5am. On New Year's Day, they will have a launch marathon of The Joey Bishop Show on Antenna TV from 5am-5am on New Year's Day. COZI TV will have two marathons as well. On New Year's Eve, they will have a Starsky & Hutch marathon from 10am-12am. Then on New Year's Day, as we mentioned, it's a Columbo launch marathon from 1pm-12am. The A-Team once again has a marathon on Encore Classic Network that has already started and will air through 9:30pm New Year's Day. TV One will have a New Year's Eve Good Times marathon from 6am-6pm, leading into Sanford & Son from 6pm-4am. WPIX in New York will of course have their annual The Honeymooners marathon starting at 11pm on New Year's Eve through 5pm on New Year's Day. Also in New York City, WLNY-TV 55/10 will have a marathon of The Odd Couple once again starting at midnight on New Year's Eve night through 9pm on New Year's Day for the fifth straight year.

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